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Guitar pickups are what make your instrument electric. They pick up string vibrations and change them to an electric signal that you can amplify with an instrument amplifier. Pickups are a huge part of your instrument tone so upgrading them is always a good idea.







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What are the pickup types?

The first pickups were made of a single coil of copper wire with some magnets. When they are placed under the steel strings the current is created in the coil and this is what makes our guitars sound.
Simple, single-coil design is very efficient and makes a nice, clear sound however they are known to pick up so-called "60Hz cycle hum".
Therefore humbucking pickups were invented. They are made of two coils wound in opposite directions which makes them produce less hum however the tone is different. They produce warmer and fatter sound and usually, they are stronger than single-coils.
Bass pickups are made very similar to guitar pickups however they often have different shapes and sizes.
Acoustic pickups are can be also a magnetic single-coil or humbucking style but there is another type called piezo pickups. Piezo pickups are made of small piezoelectric elements that create sound when touching/glued on the instrument or placed under the bridge saddle.

What are the most popular pickup types?

There are many single-coil pickups designs and the most popular are Fender strat and tele style pickups. The P-90 style pickups from Gibson are also quite popular and there are many other variations available.
There are many different styles of humbucking pickups but the most popular are based on P.A.F. pickups that Seth Lover designed for Gibson.

What are the most popular pickup brands?

First pickups were usually made by the guitar manufacturers and they still make their own pickups so look for Fender or Gibson pickups. However, when the guitar became popular many other pickup makers came to the market. The most popular and respected of them are Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, and EMG. There are also many other companies that make quality pickups for a lower price like Entwistle, ToneRider, Wilkinson, or VTONE.

What guitar pickups are made of?

Standard guitar pickups are made of just a few simple parts that are a copper wire coil, few magnets, a coil bobbin, and a base-plate.
There are many variations to this recipe, however. Using a different wire gauge or material as well as different bobbin shape or size can greatly change the sound that the pickup reproduces. Most traditionally made pickups use alnico or ceramic magnets. The shape, size, and power of the magnet is also a very important issue to the sound.
That's why we can find so many of them on the market today.
There are also some other pickups designs that may not need standard copper wire coils and we can still expect some new inventions in this field in the future.


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