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Guitar electronics are every single part that lets us control the sound of our instrument and delivers the signal to the amplifier. That is potentiometers, switches, jacks, capacitors, and wires. Each guitar is different and needs different parts. Here you can find them all.




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What electronics parts are needed for a guitar?

In most electric guitars, basses and other instruments, the sound is made by pickups. Quite often there are more than one pickup, therefore, we need some sort of switch to be able to choose the pickup we are using at the moment.
To control the volume of the guitar we need a potentiometer and some guitars have separate pots for each pickup.
This is true to the tone potentiometers as well. The tone pots allow us to change our guitar sound.

What is an active circuit in a guitar?

From time to time you may encounter an instrument with an active electronics circuit. They are designed to give much more control over the tone of the instrument and much the levels of different pickups to work together.

What is shielding?

Shielding is a simple way to prevent 60Hz cycle hum to destroy your sound. It is supposed to protect the circuit and let the guitar produce as clean signal as possible.

Do the electronics parts change the tone of a guitar?

You can change the tone by changing the electrical circuit in your guitar for sure. If you use different pots or caps value or a different schematic for example.
However, we do not believe that changing a potentiometer will make your guitar sound better unless the old pot was simply broken.
It is different for the capacitors used in a tone circuit. Not only their value but the capacitor type can make a difference in the tone.

Can I change the guitar electronics by myself?

Sure you can! This is a very simple circuit and there are no lethal voltages so no worry!
Just grab a soldering iron (don't burn yourself) and some basic tools and go for it. Most of the parts are quite cheap so you don't have to worry when something goes wrong and it is a great way to learn more about guitars.


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